Neighborhood Assist
Submit a cause starting June 7 for a chance to win a $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist® grant.
State Farm Neighborhood Assist® is back to help communities across the U.S. turn caring into doing. The program awards $25,000 grants each to 40 worthy nonprofit organizations to help fund neighborhood projects involved in education, safety and community development. And you help decide where the money goes!
So what do you do? Start thinking of how a $25,000 grant would help life go right in your neighborhood. Then, come back starting June 7, 2017 to submit your idea. We will accept 2,000 applications, and narrow it down to 200 finalists. Then your votes will decide which 40 community causes receive the $25,000 grants.
Find out what you'll need to apply and get more information in
Frequently Asked Questions.
3 Ways to Help Life Go Right in Your Neighborhood.
Here are the three types of community projects you can fund with a State Farm Neighborhood Assist® grant. Imagine the good you could do!
Projects that help improve educational opportunities for your community.
Projects that help make your neighborhood a safer, happier place to live.
Community Development
Community Development
Projects that help make your community stronger and more self-sustaining.

The Dates to Know:

06.07 thru 06.21*

Submissions Open

Submit your cause! Come back to this site and submit the application form for your cause and suggest a nonprofit organization to act as administrator of the grant. To find out what you'll need to apply, visit our FAQs.

*or when 2,000 submissions are reached, whichever comes first

06.26 thru 08.04

Submission Review

We'll review and score all 2,000 submissions, then narrow it down to 200 finalists. We'll post the names on this site.

08.16 thru 08.25

Public Vote For The Top 40

Time to vote! Come back and help decide which causes get a $25,000 grant. Each person can vote up to 10 times per day. You can use all your votes for one cause, or vote for multiple causes.


40 Grant Recipients Announced!

The 40 causes earning the highest number of votes by 11:59pm EST August 25, 2017 will be designated the winners of a State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant®, at $25,000 each.

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