Neighborhood Assist

The Next Chapter Campaign for a New Pike County Public Library

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To build a state-of-the art library that is accessible and spacious to better serve our patrons--mainly the children.

Pike County is a financially depressed county with high unemployment and low educational attainment. Few people have internet access. The library is the only place for many of our children to use the internet, basic reference materials, and to participate in free activities such as crafts and story time. We also host the Summer Feeding program for children although our space - inside and out - is limited and not very inviting. Our children's area is currently housed in the basement of our building which is over 100 years old and has housed a chicken hatchery, feed/grain store, and a livery stable. The basement is dark and windowless, and not the bright, welcoming haven we wish for our children.

Neighborhood Assist would fund the outside space for children which we plan for our new library. The space would be located immediately outside the children's area on the side of the library away from the street. The area would provide space for outside story and craft times, lunches, games, as well as individual reading spaces. The children's librarians could incorporate nature and the outdoors into their activities - an experience many children lack due to the overexposure to technology.

Bringing the children into the library at an early age and engaging them in reading and the love of books can, statistics have shown, improve their reading skills and serve them well throughout their educations and lives.

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