State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

Rejuvenating Women's Restored Wings Program

Rejuvenating Women provides hope and restoration to survivors of human trafficking.

Every month, 900 individuals are sold for sex, often multiple times in the state of Nebraska.* Across the United States, there are approximately 600 beds available for long-term restoration from human trafficking.

Rejuvenating Women provides a long-term (18 - 24 months) residential program for survivors of human trafficking. The Restored Wings Home can hold up to 10 women, providing them with services such as group and individual counseling, case management, equine and art therapy, tattoo branding removal, legal services, medical services, and vocational/life-skills training - all free of charge.

With an estimated 900 cases of the selling of sex per month in Nebraska, with 15% of those cases being at "high risk" for human trafficking, there is an immense need for a long-term program that focuses on restoration in the state of Nebraska. Rejuvenating Women's Restored Wings Program meets this need.

*Statistic provided by The Women's Fund "Nebraska's Commercial Sex Market".

Rejuvenating Women does not charge the women in our program for services provided, including housing and basic needs. Because we do not require residents to purchase program services or pay rent, our costs are high.

Common needs of human trafficking victims, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services include: safety, long-term housing, food and clothing, legal assistance, medical care, mental health/substance abuse treatment, transportation, life-skills, job training, education, and financial assistance.* Rejuvenating Women provides ALL of these services, at no charge to the women in the Restored Wings Program.

The $25,000 State Farm Grant would greatly impact our organization and help us to continue providing free-of-charge services and long-term housing to survivors of human trafficking.

*Statistic Provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "Addressing the Needs of Victims of Human Trafficking: Challenges, Barriers, and Promising Practices".

The cycle of human trafficking begins with demand; manipulation, coercion and/or force of a person; the transaction sale of a human; and leaving or escaping the trafficker. This is a cycle and will continually repeat itself until something changes. Rejuvenating Women breaks the cycle of human trafficking by providing restorative services to survivors of human trafficking.

Receiving the State Farm Grant makes a lasting impact in our community (Omaha, NE) by helping one woman at a time. Rejuvenating Women stresses the importance of peer support and leadership, where alumni of the Restored Wings Program can provide peer support for new women entering the program. Thus, Rejuvenating Women helps to break the cycle of human trafficking by loving each woman where she is at, providing her with support, and giving her an opportunity to find healing.