State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

Hope House

Provide young women who have no support, support; have no hope, hope; have no direction, direction.

Hope House is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides for the physical, emotional, and basic health needs of young mothers facing unplanned/crisis pregnancies. Hope House is the only long-term residential program of its kind in the state of Tennessee. Due to the lack of equivalent programs in our region, we often service young ladies from all over the northeast region and beyond. Hope House has been in existence for over 15 years. In 2017 alone, we served over 2,500 moms and babies through our Center for Women and long-term residential program combined.

Our residential program offers safe, secure, and supportive long-term housing (up to two years) free of charge through our maternity home and independent living apartments. During their stay through our residential program, residents are provided with food, clothing, transportation, prenatal care, education and job placement opportunities, self-sufficiency training, as well as many other opportunities.

Hope House is fully funded by individual donors and financial help from the community is crucial to our ongoing work with young mothers in our community and surrounding areas. Hope House does not receive any government funding to keep our doors open. At this time, our residential program is in need of several repairs that this amazing grant would assist with and would continue to impact the lives of many young ladies for years to come. Our hope is that with this grant, we would be able to replace the roof and guttering at our independent living apartments which houses mothers and babies post-delivery. In addition, new guttering is needed at our maternity home. We are also in need of brick restoration as well as a kitchen remodel in our maternity home. The current kitchen is original to the home which was built in 1988.

Our residential program lays a foundation for young women who have found themselves in unplanned or crisis pregnancies by giving them a safe refuge, a place they can call home and in many senses, a family. By becoming a recipient of this grant, Hope House will have the opportunity to complete much-needed renovations which will allow us to continue to prepare clients for success and transform young women in crisis pregnancies into thriving members of the community. The impact would be widespread for our regional footprint and beyond and touch the lives of a countless number of women even beyond their time beyond our program.