State Farm Neighborhood Assist ® 2018

Save New Hope Learning Center

New Hope's mission is to provide low cost childcare for the working poor of The Colony, Texas area.

New Hope is the ONLY childcare facility in The Colony, Texas that partners with Texas Workforce Solutions to identify and accept families who are on a waiting list to receive a childcare subsidy. These children are accepted into our program BEFORE we receive their subsidy from the state. We are helping families who would otherwise be unable to work or better themselves by pursuing additional education. They are trapped in a cycle of poverty. We help break this cycle by making it possible for parents to return to school to train for a higher paying job or career.

Children of the working poor that have pre-school experience arrive at kindergarten better able to learn than those without that experience. Since higher income parents are more likely to place their children in pre-school, low-income children without pre-school experience begin their academic career at a disadvantage.

These children need our help!

In past years, New Hope was a recipient of a yearly $25,000 grant from the Texas Methodist Foundation. In 2017, the Texas hurricanes required TMF grant money to rebuild churches in South Texas and so we did not receive this grant and have been informed that it will not be forthcoming in 2018 as well.

New Hope has been in existence for almost 10 years and is known in the community for its outreach ministry to the working poor. We currently have 27 children in our program, and in compliance with state class size guidelines, our maximum is 28 children. Over a year's time we will be referred 13 new students. On average, we will absorb $275/month in unreimbursed costs from the state. Based on a wait time of 7 months on the Texas Workforce Solutions waitlist: 13 students times 7 months times $275/month equals $25,025.

Our tuition rates are 60% below comparable childcare providers in The Colony, and we have been able to accomplish this through careful budgeting and cost control.

There has been much written in the academic press on the multiplier effect of early childhood education spending for children of the working poor. One study in 2005 placed the benefit/cost ratio at 16:1. In other words, $1 of spending to help these children receive preschool education has an estimated $16 benefit to society over time. This is reflected in reduced incarceration levels, higher incomes, higher rates of college attendance, less reliance on the social safety net, as well as increased levels of home ownership and savings.

Below is only one of the many stories of New Hope's lasting impact on our community:

Kathleen, a single mom, U.S. Army Veteran, with 2 children was approved by Texas Workforce for childcare subsidy. Her children attended New Hope for 3 years while she attended school full time to obtain her Engineering degree. She graduated and almost immediately began her career. She stays in contact with us and shares what an incredible difference we made in her life.