MICAH House Emergency Shelter and Support Services for Families and Single Women

to provide a safe nurturing environment for those families/individuals experiencing homelessness

On any given night there are 1,411 homeless individuals in the Omaha/Council Bluffs Metro (2018 PIT Count). MICAH House offers food, shelter, and basic necessities for families and single women experiencing homelessness. The correlation of poverty, homelessness, and poor health coupled with trauma-related disability later in life is becoming more and more evident. The average Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) score for adult clients at MICAH is 4.41 (out of a possible ten), with females scoring higher than males in nearly every category, and 40% of those reporting scores of 6+. Increased ACEs scores lead to higher risk for poverty, unemployment, and homelessness. Once basic needs are met, individuals and families at MICAH can focus on resolving barriers to stability through impactful programming carefully designed to promote independence while maintaining privacy and respect. At MICAH House we believe our programming combined with community collaboration can truly change lives.

95% of individuals served at MICAH House report an annual income of less than $15,000. Funding would support the following impactful programming, empowering individuals to identify barriers to stability. Intensive case management, supported access to mainstream resources, classes/group sessions in money management, employment education, positive psychology and yoga. Our trauma-informed play program (BUDDY Program), headed up by our child program specialist offering free play in a low-stress environment. MICAH offers ASQ assessments for developmental and social-emotional delays in children, referring families to appropriate resources, if needed. MICAH services expanded in 2019 with the addition of a second-floor women’s shelter and is now home to an on-site health clinic managed by community collaborator AllCare Health Center with access to affordable health care including well checks, mental health consultation, dental, OB/GYN, and an on-site insurance enrollment specialist.

A rising tide lifts all boats. At MICAH House, clients can address root issues that perpetuate homelessness, and choose to forge a new path. By empowering single women, families, and children with tools for confidence and self-sufficiency, Emergency Shelter and Support Services at MICAH House create a ripple effect within the community and beyond. Independent, healthy, and productive citizens will contribute to a thriving population, allowing second chances and success, great and small. At MICAH we believe in community collaboration, and in helping our neighbors by offering shelter and support services that not only address basic needs, but also contribute to the betterment of the community by offering our clients the opportunity to transform their lives. We will continue to follow our vision to help end homelessness by restoring hope to families and individuals while preserving family unity empowering all to live independently and free from the crisis of homelessness.