Assist Special Needs adults obtain the life and social skills to help them reach their life goals

To assist individuals who have mild/moderate cognitive disabilities on their path to independence

Adults whose intellectual disabilities are categorized as having a mild to moderate impact on their abilities to live independently are transitioned out of High School with very limited services available to assist them in life. According to the MSDE in the 2018 Report Card as of 2017 6.4% of high school students in Calver County received special education services. These individuals are not eligible for Local, State or Federal services that are offered to those classified as having severe disabilities. These individuals have the ability to perform some functions independently but are not positioned with the life skills, decision making capabilities or social abilities to successfully integrate into the community directly from high school. The Connection focuses 100% on these individuals with a structured environment that continues reinforcing the overarching life, self-awareness and employment skills necessary in order to lead a meaningful and productive life in our communities

The grant would be used to provide scholarships and materials needed to help those adults with mild/moderate cognitive disabilities learn to integrate into their community as well as help our community to better understand and accept the differences of others. We provide workshops, programs and social activities to these individuals and their families to help reinforce the skills needed to become an integral member of our community. We provide multiple workshops and social activities free of charge for members of this community. These are paid for by private donations and fundraising activities. We also offer a private pay program for more focused life, interpersonal and job skill reinforcement activities in a structured environment. Some members do not have the financial ability to participate in these in-depth programs. This grant would go toward those without the financial means to be able to participate and gain the skills necessary to better meet their personal independence goals

This grant will help us to provide the support and services that are a reinforcement of the skills necessary to help individuals become as independent as they are able and become productive members of our community. Each person we help achieves more independence and has a renewed purpose in their lives as well as becoming less dependent on their families and the community in general. All of our members currently live with and are supported by family members with limited access to outside assistance programs. Their futures are dependent on continued support by their families with no hope of becoming independent, living on their own or gaining meaningful employment. Our programs and services address the missing support for special needs adults that is in direct response to the growing number of adults that are mild to moderately disabled people who are struggling to adapt in society. Our support leads to these individuals becoming integrated members of our community