The Road to Education

To put in a sidewalk to insure the safety of students coming and going to Blackwell Elementary.

There are NO sidewalks down either side of the 2-lane road for this .6 mile. That leaves students walking ½ an hour each day either in traffic or in a ditch. The students’ safety is a huge concern! During peak pickup and drop-off hours the two lanes leading to the school turn to bumper-to-bumper traffic. This lasts up to an hour twice a day, making it difficult for students to be seen, and impossible for them to be on the road. Even if they were to try to walk or ride a bike in traffic it would be extremely dangerous and no parent would want that for a child. The only option our students have during this time is to walk in the ditch. This ditch always has standing water, and often times is lined with tall grass. During spring and winter, it’s even worse, especially in springs like Oklahoma is currently experiencing where flooding is at an all time high.

Blackwell Elementary School is the only elementary school we have in our small community housing aprox. 640 students in PreK-5th grades. Our elementary school was built on the edge of our town and other than a tiny housing edition next to the school, the majority of our students come from homes over .6 miles away. We live in a town with a lot of double income working families or families that don’t have the means to drive students to school every day. Therefore, those students are left to walk or ride bikes to school. This area is no place for children to be walking! A sidewalk in this area in our town is in great need! Here in Blackwell, Oklahoma our community is desperately in need of a sidewalk that leads to our elementary school.

It would essentially benefit every family in Blackwell, Oklahoma, and since we only have the one elementary this community improvement would benefit every child and every family that lives here for years and years to come.