Driving Teen to Safety

My mission is to educate drivers on how to conduct themselves when being pulled over by the police.

Many times in our communities we see physical altercations involving police officers and citizens during routine traffic stops. Sometimes the results can be fatal. The Washington Post reported that as of June 2019 there have been 390 fatal force incidences involving police officers. Whether it’s during a traffic stop or during an attempt to arrest there appears to be a disconnect in communication that results in violence; thus creating a rift in the relationships of the police departments and our communities. There are very few programs that teach people how to conduct themselves when being pulled over by law enforcement officers. There needs to be a program that educates young drivers on what to do when they are in these situations, because these life skills are not being taught in schools.

A $25,000 grant would assist with launching a local program which could potentially be a catalyst for a much-needed nationwide initiative. This funding would help to cover costs associated with renting facilities to host seminars, transportation, developing literature for education, marketing, and community outreach.

I believe a program that educates young drivers on what to do when approached by the police will decrease the number of fatal force incidents involving officers drastically, if implemented in driving programs across the nation. I chose to open this program up to teenagers because I am physical education teacher, and I currently have a nonprofit organization called Men Inspiring Kids Everyday (M.I.K.E.). M.I.K.E is an organization where I mentor kids and teach them life skills not taught in schools. As a teacher I come in contact with thousands of teenagers every year, and I believe that gives me a huge stage to advocate for this program. My goal is to hold these clinics annually at several locations in my region, and eventually create literature that can be shared across the nation via book, videos, and internet. This program could help remove the negative stigma often times associated with law enforcement officials.