Living Well Community Center

Provide a facility for arts, recreation, health & wellness for community members of all ages.

We currently do not have a community center, health & wellness facility or cultural arts center in our community. Our goal is to renovate an existing building that is currently vacant on our Main Street. This option would meet several needs in our community, provide a facility that could adequately handle an event or function, as well as provide an environmentally controlled health & wellness facility that would address the needs of our entire community with low impact exercise & programs, small gym, safe walking surface & location, heated lap pool with easy entry - and a fun facility for patrons of all ages to enjoy year-round.

The $25,000 grant would allow us to start the purchase process for the vacant building on Main Street that we would like to renovate. We feel that by renovating an existing vacant building on our Main Street that the improvement and activity of the new facility will have a domino effect on our current downtown dynamic. By receiving the grant, it would allow us to apply for additional grant funding from other organizations, and give us the start-up match funding necessary to proceed to make our center a reality.

If we receive the grant, it would have a permanent lasting impact on our community. As we work towards making our downtown business district vibrant and busy once again, the addition of the community center would be such a huge asset. Not only would we be filling a vacant building, but it would allow our community to provide programs and services that previously had to be obtained from outside our area. As a rural Kansas community, each day is a struggle for survival, and we are striving towards putting our very best foot forward. With every service that we offer, every business that we save, every cultural opportunity we provide - it puts us one step closer to community preservation.