PlayAbility Project Accessible Shelter and Accessible Restroom Facility

Provide an accessible shelter and restroom at the PlayAbilty Project in the heart of our community.

Our community has come together over the last year to fund the purchase of adaptive playground equipment for the PlayAbility Project at Strickland Park. Our high school students raised funds and our city staff applied for community grant funds. The playground equipment will be purchased and installed in 2019. This will be the only inclusive park in our community and region of the state. However, no funds are available for accessibility improvements to the existing shelter and restroom facility; and in their current state these facilities will not serve the children and families that will be come to play at the PlayAbility Project playground. An accessible restroom and shelter at the playground will allow our families and children to stay, play and connect.

While the community has stepped up to facilitate the purchase of playground equipment, there are no funds available for renovation to the existing playground shelter and restroom facility. Without these renovations the PlayAbility Project will not be able to fully meet the needs of those that come to play. The grant would allow for: climate control in the restroom, making it a year-round facility; repair of the restroom structure; a new roof for the restroom; new restroom fixtures; a changing table; a mural painting on the restroom structure; new sidewalks and pathways around the restroom and shelter; repair of the shelter structure and column enhancements; and the purchase of accessible picnic tables.

The PlayAbility Project will provide a sustained and lasting impact in our community-becoming a premier play destination in our region. Currently, families would have to drive more than hour to play in an inclusive and accessible play space. The PlayAbility Project is in the heart of our community-and our community has a heart for inclusiveness; hosting the Oklahoma Special Olympic State Games each year. With the added amenities (provided by this grant) of an accessible and improved shelter and restroom facility, it will truly become a place for people of all ages and abilities to play, stay awhile and make new friends. This park space will not JUST be the adaptive playground, it will be a gathering place for our entire community for years to come. As Mr. Rogers reminds us, play is the work of childhood. Inclusive play opportunities allow children of all abilities to meet and play together, overcoming obstacles and differences together. This is how a caring community is created.