Personal Finances that Bless You, Not Stress You

Restoring hope and dignity through financial training; promoting resourcefulness, saving and giving.

In our rural region, Center for Financial Education (CFE) is the missing link to providing every person and family a fuller understanding of their financial responsibilities and protection of their resources. Without financial mentoring and a deeper knowledge of ourselves, too much consumer spending can push people into overwhelming debt. We’ve seen shopping addictions and societal pressures to have "it all"-- the home, the boat, the new car--become unsustainably destructive to a family's finances. Some families face overwhelming circumstances like life-altering accidents, medical bills, divorce, death--triggering loss of income or financial fragility. A segment of our community feels alone and ashamed, struggling just to survive; they’re broke and broken with nowhere to turn, living on society’s fringe. Too many live in constant stress, barely getting ahead and afraid to seek a better way. We are committed to keeping this education program free, personalized and accessible for all.

We believe in this providential blessing: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—the American dream. Abundance, victories, triumphs, joy, love, good health, prosperity are intended for us as it states throughout the Bible. Our services are open to all who desire to manage their finances more holistically, regardless of creed or belief. On average, this program costs $1200 per household, as we take the time to walk alongside them until their improved habits are ingrained. Determined to maintain a free program available to anyone motivated to make financial changes, we feel it adds validity to our educational philosophies of managing money. In leading by example, our clients are inspired to pay it forward. Through faith and embracing the full-circle benefits of the gift of giving, clients discover truth in the promise for overflowing increase. $25,000 will not only help 20 families directly, but set in motion a cycle of giving that reaches far to those in need.

For over 20 years we have witnessed success stories. We receive calls from utility companies and local businesses sharing about their increases with paid-on-time invoices. A client who graduated from our program three years ago recently shared this: "I am so thankful that CFE had given us the right tools to help get our finances in order. My wife and I walked in with all the bills and income that we had and CFE was able to give the advice and wisdom we needed to confidently put together a budget that was realistic and achievable. It placed less pressure on our marriage to know that our goal to pay off a credit card and car was within our budget. Today I am still using the budget that we were presented with 3 years ago and it makes spending and saving easier." When a program works, it becomes a way of life. We know in our hearts that as more people, families, organizations become financially educated, we can chip away at a national problem for generations to come.