After Prom Grand Finale

Providing incentive for teens to stay until the end of their after-prom party by giving away a car

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the state of Virginia. Prom night is one of the most deadly nights for teens to be on the roads. For 31 years, the After Prom Grand Finale ( has incentivized teens in SW Virginia to attend and stay until the end of their school’s after-prom party in order to win a new car. In 31 years, NONE of the participating schools have had an alcohol or drug-related accident on prom night. We estimate that’s over 85,000 lives saved. In 2019, more than 65% of teens (over 5,251) from 40 participating schools stayed until the end of their party. Six Qualifiers were chosen by each school. Of the Qualifiers who attended the APGF event, 74% attended and stayed until the end of their party to try to win the car. The school parties do a great job of keeping teens entertained but because of APGF, they are more willing to stay ALL night and wind down instead of leaving early and getting into risky behavior.

For the first 30 years, APGF was supported by a community coalition. In 2019, they were unable to continue hosting the event. With the support of one very generous local private donor, the YOVASO Advisory Board was able to take over the event. The single donation covered the operational expenses for the event, which includes compensation for our Coordinator (who is responsible for all fundraising, website development and maintenance, school outreach and support, event coordination, volunteer recruitment, public relations and party/event evaluation), website maintenance and materials costs. At this point in time, we do not have the available funds to produce APGF for 2020. We must not let this event end. It saves lives!

APGF is the only event of its kind in the country. In the 31 years that APGF has existed, NONE of the participating schools have experienced the tragedy of a drug or alcohol-related car accident on prom night. We estimate that number to be over 85,000 lives! After 31 years of successfully keeping teens safe on prom night, we are ready to expand our event to other regions of Virginia. The money from this grant will cover operational costs for our original APGF in Southwest VA but will also allow us to work toward establishing an APGF in Central VA because any additional funds we raise will allow us to move forward and save even more lives. We haven’t been able to expand before now because we’ve only ever had enough money to focus on the Southwest VA event. Our community has been working harder than ever to provide these prom parties because they keep teens safe, and we know a major reason why is because of APGF. Every community should have the opportunity to participate in APGF!