Provide financial assistance and wellness services to struggling cancer patients in our area.

At DDBCF, we provide area cancer patients and their families with financial assistance and services.

Recent data from the CDC revealed that the state of New Jersey ranks seventh in the nation for new cancer cases. With approximately 53,260 people diagnosed with cancer in NJ each year, DDBCF's aim is to help lessen the burdens of the disease. We provide financial assistance and wellness services to struggling cancer patients and their family members while fostering youth education and community involvement for the cause. Although we've helped patients all over NJ, our first focus is on our community in Central NJ. There's no other organization serving this purpose in our area. According to a 2018 study published in AMJ, a startling 62% of cancer patients report going into debt due to their treatment while 42% lose their entire life savings. The funding we grant helps patients afford their medical bills, groceries, rent/mortgage, transportation, utilities, and childcare. We've given over $1 million to over 1,000 patients since 2011, which has reduced debt and increased a sense of hope.

DDBCF's CEO founded the nonprofit after he went into remission from stage IV cancer. His goal was simply to extract something good from his trial and help cancer patients within his community. While we're proud of the work we've done since then, our ability to assist the individuals who need us wholly depends on the funds we receive from grants and donors. The need is so great in our area that we just cannot help every struggling cancer patient in our region. But with State Farm's help, we can expand our reach. With a $25K grant, we can help 20 - 50 additional patients and their families while strengthening our Service Arm and growing our youth outreach. This funding will keep people housed, fed, out of bankruptcy, and well. Our efforts have prevented foreclosures, maintained treatments, and given patients and their family members needed services all while creating a tightly knit youth program (Generation Dream) that educates local kids and teens and connects them with cancer patients.

State Farm's Neighborhood Assist grant would help our community in myriad long-lasting ways. Assisting struggling cancer patients financially via grants for expenses might seem short-term (one month's rent, one month's groceries, etc.), however, it's anything but. With this grant, we could help 20 - 50 new cancer patients and their family members, which would touch hundreds of people directly. This grant will pay down medical bills, transportation expenses, and childcare fees, all of which help keep patients in treatment who have stopped or are considering stopping treatment due to associated costs – that is to say: this grant will very likely save lives. This grant will keep patients in their homes and keep healthy fresh food in their fridges – both of which have an impact that could span a lifetime. The benefits of our wellness and youth efforts are multifaceted and often pivotal. Finally, a more abstract long-term effect of this grant is the sense of hope and relief it would spread.