Kingswood Home for Children

Bringing Healing to Hurting Children and Families in His Name

In today's world, we do not have to look too far to find a family that is in need. Many children today are being raised by grandparents, extended family, or other guardians because some level of trauma or crisis has happened in their lives. The reality is that every child has a desire and need for a family. Children need someone to support them throughout all stages of their physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social development. The presence of at least one committed parental figure can yield powerful benefits that ripple throughout a child's life. That is where Kingswood comes in... Kingswood Home for Children is a private, non-profit, nondenominational, Christian home for children in the East TN area. Since 1943, Kingswood has served and ministered to children and families that need us most. Our children come to us from abandoned, abused, neglected, or displaced situations, at little or no fault of their own, and begin to put back the pieces of their broken worlds.

Kingswood does not have needs. The community has needs. Families are being torn apart daily and we want to continue to step into the gap and help meet those needs. This $25,000 would be significant in helping children and sibling groups have a safe, home environment where they can stay together and out of State's Custody, while allowing their parents or guardians the opportunity to begin to heal and make the necessary changes for their family. In the last year alone, we have had 26 children return home successfully to their parents/guardians. Some of those children have found new FOREVER HOMES. Everyday, hundreds of children are being removed from their family due to neglect, abuse, poverty, or drugs. Kingswood continues to be part of the solution by partnering with community agencies, churches, department of children services, and individuals to restore the most important resources to all communities...FAMILY.

Our vision is for every child to have a thriving family tree for generations to come. This looks different in every situation. It could be healing in their own current family tree or beginning a new, One little girl came to us when she was three years old. She had been abused in every way possible. Her head was shaved due to a recent bout with head lice. She was malnourished and covered in scabies. As she grew, it became very evident that she was very delayed educationally. Through the investment of staff and one loving volunteer family, it was discovered that this little girl had an eye processing issue. After extensive therapy, this young lady is making straight A's and confident as ever. Now, this volunteer family has full costody of her and is working on the adoption process. State Farm has a chance to be the hero of this story...hero to this little girl and dozens of other children just like her that are served through the services at Kingswood Home for Children