Providing a Meal and so Much More

Provide a home-delivered, nutritious noon meal service for the elderly and home -bound.

Hunger is a terrible thing.Being alone and unable to provide food for yourself is a real fear for many elderly and disabled members of our community.Regular, nutritious meals are a vital part of staying healthy for our elderly population. Meals on Wheels improves physical health outcomes by improving food insecurity and reducing the risk of falls and hospitalization. We provide nutritious meals 5 days per week to over 175 individuals who would otherwise go without. We provide more than food. We are “A Meal and So Much More”.Our volunteers often provide recipients the only human interaction and connections to social institutions they receive all day long. Most of our recipients report they are socially isolated and lonely.Our daily meals and volunteer interaction offer critical support that permits older adults to stay in the community.In addition, they promote positive mental and physical health outcomes. We are unique in that our organization provides nutrition and social interaction.

The Lowcountry is growing at 3 times the US population average and we are seeing huge growth in our elderly population.Because of this growth,increased costs,and decreased funds,we are facing unprecedented challenges to meet the growing demand and need for nutrition services among our elderly and home bound adults. With local government programs at capacity, we may be their last chance for a meal. We have been serving our community for 37 years and have provided over 1.2 million meals.We have 175 recipients daily and the number is increasing.We want to meet the needs of all candidates,to provide the healthiest meals possible,and to run our organization in the most cost effective manner. To achieve this, we have recently partnered with The Lowcountry Foodbank.This partnership allows us to reach more individuals and save money.Each meal is $3.00. We feed 175 people 5 days per week.We provide 50,000 meals per year. The food alone costs $150,000 annually.We receive no government funding.

Our organization is at the most exciting time in its history.We are moving forward as we reach more people and provide more services.We have stepped up our commitment to the community to meet a growing and unmet need.As the elderly population grows, we expect our numbers to continue to rise.We have expanded our services to include a breakfast pantry and an “Animeals” program that provides food for our recipients’ pets.The effects of our organization are monumental on our community.By providing vital meal services,lessening feelings of isolation, and reducing the rate of falls Meals on Wheels keeps seniors living independently in their homes longer and decreases healthcare costs.Our recipients are safer,healthier,and have a better quality of life due to their relationship with Meals on Wheels.Their loved ones report feeling relief knowing their elderly family members have the services we provide.We are meeting a need that will only continue to grow and we are determined to grow with it.