On-Farm, Hands-On. Growing a community around food and education.

Empowering individuals on-farm, hands-on while connecting them to land, food, self and community.

KC Farm School at Gibbs Road is an urban farm that meets multiple unmet community needs in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Our work covers 3 domains-Food; Education; and Community. Our neighbors face enormous poverty, health, food access and food security challenges. To address that need we offer a weekly farm market and a CSA program with an option to volunteer in lieu of payment. Local schools expressed a desire to connect their students with career learning, service work and unique learning opportunities so we developed on-farm field trip curricula and a school-to-job training program and have formed strong school partnerships to address that need. Community members sought us out with a desire to connect with the land, food, self and each other so we host community meals, workshops, exercise opportunities and volunteer events to meet that need. To meet the needs of our community we aim to bring all of our neighbors, regardless of age, ability, race or history on-farm to learn hands-on.

KC Farm School at Gibbs Road is a start-up organization whose seeds are planted but not yet fully harvested. At this early stage, working with little income, we have already had a strong impact on local schools and community groups. The momentum that we have gained so far is strong but in order to continue our work, we need to have quality staff and honor their work by paying them a fair wage. This generous opportunity will enable us to continue growing food, develop our educational, school to job training, and community engagement programming while improving the food climate, job opportunities and health outcomes of our neighbors in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Once regular staffing is hired, we will then expand our programs to more Kansas City community groups and schools and be able to educate and create more future sustainable farmers while also providing healthy food, physical activity and a connection to the land, self and each other to more people in Kansas City.

KC Farm School at Gibbs Road is located on an historic urban farm in Wyandotte County, Kansas. This area is identified as a food desert according to the USDA and almost 17% of our neighbors face food insecurity. The ratio of farm markets is low and the density of fast food restaurants is high. Our role in this community will have a lasting impact as we continue to offer local, healthy, affordable food and spread education and awareness about healthy eating, food and regenerative agriculture. Our ownership and participation in The KC Food Hub will continue to strengthen the food landscape across the region as we partner with 16 other regional farmers to spread our food across the area- improving food access, security and health. Our work with local youth, community partner organizations and volunteers will ripple throughout the community and we envision a future where all of our neighbors join us "on-farm, hands-on" while connecting to the land, their food, their selves and each other.