Growing a Healthy Hawaii with Tower Gardens

Educate and support Hawaii achieve optimal health and well-being through quality food and nutrition

With Hawaii boasting beautiful mountain ranges and oceans, the common assumption is that most locals enjoy good health. While many certainly do lead active, healthy lives the reality is that statistics show a different story. For example, diabetes is at a historical high in Hawaii with approximately 40% of the population diagnosed as either diabetic or pre-diabetic. We know that the culprit to diabetes and other preventable diseases is poor diet and nutrition due to a lack of accessibility to quality food and education. Hawaii farms produce only roughly 20% of the state’s food supply, meaning the overwhelming majority of produce is imported from the mainland US. Therefore, the people of Hawaii consume mostly produce shipped from thousands of miles away with inferior freshness and nutritional value. Our mission is to help Hawaii combat disease and achieve optimal health by increasing accessibility to local, quality whole food and educating about the importance of proper nutrition.

To address the lack of accessibility to quality whole food nutrition, funding will go towards purchasing a state-of-the-art aeroponic Tower Garden Farm that will produce local and therefore fresher, more nutritious food for the people of Hawaii. Produce will be sold below market value at affordable prices. When people cannot afford quality whole food, they turn to cheap processed food which we know leads to disease. A percentage of produce will also be donated to homeless shelters and organizations working with underserved populations. In addition to accessibility, we plan to increase awareness through community outreach. We will partner with school programs to teach students about the connection between nutrition, health, and sustainability. The farm site will also serve to host classes, tours, and events to increase awareness and further educate the public about where their food comes from, how it links to disease, and what they can do to improve their overall health and well-being

Growing with a Tower Farm is both sustainable and self-sustaining. Using 90% less space and water than traditional farming, each tower can grow up to 52 plants in just 3 square feet, making it possible to grow a lot of food with very little space. A Tower Farm sustains itself by producing income to re-invest back into the farm to continue producing affordable, high quality food as well as continuing to educate and build community awareness around nutrition and health. When our bodies are healthy and operating optimally, we have more mental clarity which makes us more productive and ultimately helps us to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. This means that the benefits of good nutrition extend far beyond the physical and impact our mental and even spiritual well-being. While there are many important factors that contribute to overall health and well-being, nutrition is the foundation and in order to build a house or a thriving community we must first build a strong foundation.