Greater Pottstown Tennis & Learning provides free after-school tennis and education programs.

Our mission is to mentor life skills, healthy behaviors and learning through tennis.

Greater Pottstown Tennis & Learning uses tennis as a vehicle to support the under-resourced youth of Pottstown, PA with healthy lifestyle choices and academic enrichments in an inclusive environment. Sports-based youth development programs encourage wellness, build resilience and create opportunities for social cohesion. On The Rise Education Programs are designed to support students in out-of-school-time (OST) with academic enrichment, social emotional learning, tutoring support, nutrition, financial literacy, and STEM initiatives. GPTL is partnering with Pottstown Integrative Wellness Complex (PIWC), formerly the YMCA, to expand our tennis and education programs to a year-round indoor facility. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for Pottstown youth which is walking distance from the school district. Our vision is to improve the quality of life for both children and adults in the Greater Pottstown Area using tennis as a tool to mentor both on and off the court.

The Pottstown Borough School District is designated a Title I school with 100% of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch and 30% of students living below poverty level 64% are minorities. There are no after-school programs in Pottstown Elementary Schools and funding for the Middle School and High School programs will be significantly less in the fall of 2019. After-school enrichment programs are vital to providing a safe and healthy prosocial environment for youth development. The YMCA was closed in 2018 and is now being reopened with the support of non-profits and local businesses. The $25,000 would support the establishment of a Tennis and Education Center and support academic enrichments programs for k-12 youth in the Pottstown School District. Our aim is to combine tennis and education to change lives.

The lasting impact of the State Farm Grant insures a vital pivot for a defunct YMCA into a Tennis & Education Center and sports-based youth development complex. The coaches and tutors at GPTL have the opportunity to make real connections with students and help support them in their lives. Recently one of our former Middle School players was awarded a full tennis scholarship to a four-year college. Statistics from The United States Tennis Association say that youth who play tennis are more likely to graduate from high school and continue to a four-year college. Kids who play tennis are less likely to engage in at-risk behaviors like smoking, vaping and drug and alcohol abuse. Tennis is a sport that changes lives and by supporting that choice with academic enrichments we can encourage the Pottstown youth to succeed. State Farm would be listed as an education sponsor and recognized on our website and social media as well as on our wall of partners at the front of the education wing.