Mobile Food Pantry

To assist needy families with the resources available in a caring and Christ-like manner.

According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap report (2017) Macon County, Illinois has 14% of its population (about 107,000 people) as food insecure. Almost 30% of food insecure households are above the qualification of 185% of the poverty level to receive assistance. Northeast Community Fund is the largest food panty in Decatur and Macon County, Illinois, serving over 2000 families each month. Unfortunately, many families in Decatur are unable to access our food pantry due to a lack of basic transportation. In 2016 Northeast Community Fund was awarded a grant for a new refrigerated box truck which is currently being used for the pick-up of donated food through the Feeding America program. We would like to make greater use of our new refrigerated box truck by offering a mobile food pantry to low-income residents in our neighborhoods who lack transportation to a food pantry in Decatur. Northeast Community Fund would like to continue to serve the unmet needs of our community.

Since 2016, Northeast Community Fund has adopted the tag line of #lovethyneighbor as we increase our city’s awareness of the ministry and mission of our organization and the impact we can make together. The city of Decatur has begun efforts for neighborhood revitalization. Northeast Community Fund would like to partner with the city to focus on areas identified as most in need of attention. $25,000 in grant funds would be used primarily to stock the mobile food pantry with wholesome fresh products, including produce, milk, eggs, meats and proteins, canned goods and additional non-perishable items. The refrigerated truck will allow safe transport of all goods to be delivered to our neighbors. A small portion of funds will help cover costs of gasoline and vehicle maintenance for the mobile pantry.

The long-term impacts of a mobile food pantry in our community include health and wellness, financial relief, and stronger relationships among neighbors. Low-income families are often forced to choose between groceries and monthly expenses like rent, utility bills and car payments. Our mobile food pantry will distribute healthy whole foods which will combat the obesity, diabetes, and heart disease that is so prevalent among this population. Furthermore, our mobile food pantry will bring neighbors together as we visit their neighborhoods. Following the use of State Farm grant dollars, Northeast Community Fund will aim to continue the outreach of a mobile food pantry with financial support from our business community and private donors. Reports of the number of impacted families and neighborhoods served by the Neighborhood Assist grant funds will be shared with the city leadership and community at large.

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