Prosperity Center Program

Radically improving lives, while creating lasting change through education in Citrus County.

There are 17,000 residents of Citrus County that do not have a high school diploma or equivalent. The Prosperity Center’s goal is to reduce this number by providing access to education through our local community college. In the 2018/2019 school year, we financially assisted over 100 GED students in the pursuit of their diploma. Through case management, we exist to be our clients’ number one advocate as they balance normal adult responsibilities along with the challenges of becoming a student all over again. The Prosperity Center also assists technical college students who are obtaining certifications for trades such as nursing, welding, computer science, electricity, and many more.

The Prosperity Center is committed to helping families and individuals in our community who are enrolled in a GED or post-secondary education program. Our goal is to see these students complete their respective programs, graduate, and acquire and maintain employment in their field of choice. Many times, there are financial obstacles that stand in the way of maintaining enrollment. The United Way’s Prosperity Center hopes to bridge that financial gap by offsetting life costs so that Citrus County students can stay enrolled until completion. Some of those expenses include testing fees, textbooks, school supplies, gas cards, childcare, and many more.

Being awarded the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant would have a tremendous positive impact on Citrus County. The impact would be seen by a decrease in the number of residents that do not have a high school diploma or equivalent. These newly educated residents can now enter the workforce. Statistically, gaining a GED increases your yearly income by $7, 000. Many of our GED students are first generation graduates. By acquiring their diploma, they are taking the first steps in breaking the cycle of poverty which affects their children and generations to come. The Prosperity Center’s certificate graduates have an 85% employment rate post-graduation. This clearly shows an increase in workforce development in our community.