El Sistema@Rainey

Rainey Institute promotes positive growth for Greater Cleveland’s youth through engagement in music.

Rainey Institute is where the arts change lives. Serving an area where 71% of children under the age of 17 live in poverty, the El Sistema@Rainey Orchestra program helps students in negative situations develop artistic abilities and character. Launched in 2011, the program is modeled after its Venezuelan roots, serving students in the motto social change through music. El Sistema@Rainey has grown to serve hundreds of Cleveland youth and provides group based orchestra instruction after school. We also offer a healthy meal, helping ease the burden of hunger for families. Students can learn a stringed instrument and they are also offered the chance to learn flute, trumpet or trombone. The program relies on highly trained, passionate teaching artists. As it expands to serve more children, the need for additional teaching artists also grows. The quality of our program is based on the ability to hire and retain teaching artists which make up the life changing environment.

El Sistema@Rainey serves low income students who reside in Cleveland and we welcome all children. Students in El Sistema@Rainey perform monthly concerts and work on developing skills and positive character traits, such as respect for self and others, perseverance, self discipline, self control, team work, and problem solving skills. We employ highly trained and passionate teaching artists in order to maintain the integrity of El Sistema@Rainey. Teaching artists go through an intense interview process, vetting them on multiple levels to ensure that the program is as focused on students social emotional learning as it is on music education. Partnership with State Farm Neighborhood Assist would enable key teaching artists to continue in their positions, helping students develop their artistic abilities, personal character and social emotional learning in a safe space. Participants learn to be prepared for the stage, enabling them to succeed as musicians and in life.

Rainey Institute is a safe, well supervised arts center filled with caring adults, keeping urban children engaged in positive activities and away from the negative influences that often accompany low income areas. The support would ensure that Cleveland youth would have access to El Sistema@Rainey, a high quality and mastery based orchestra training program. This opportunity provides participants with a safe haven and encourages student growth under the direction of highly trained, motivated and passionate teaching artists. By partnering with El Sistema@Rainey, the ability for more children to have access to high quality instruction grows, expanding the impact of the program. By instilling positive qualities and character traits, such as confidence, respect, perseverance, and the ability to work as a team member, students can become engaged, positive and contributing citizens.