Soldiers' Angels - May No Soldier Go Unloved

Provides aid and comfort to deployed troops, military families and a growing veteran population.

San Antonio is home to 153,000 veterans - the most densely populated veteran community in Texas, making up 12.9% of the adult population. The largest unmet need of veterans in our community is hunger – having enough food each month to feed their families. Soldiers’ Angels is addressing this need in various ways through our Veteran Support Hunger Relief Program. One such way is by providing a free monthly Mobile Food Distribution for 200 low-income veterans and their families with 50 pounds of nutritious food. This service reaches a number of veteran demographics who need help. Local veterans 18-34 years experience unemployment at twice to four times the rate of veterans in other age groups. The unemployment rate for veterans that have families with small children is 10.9%. Of veterans in San Antonio who are in the labor force, 7.1% earn income that is below the national poverty level and 34.9% have some type of disability. Our purpose is to help veterans live healthier lives.

Soldiers’ Angels spends $2,500 each month on the Mobile Food Distributions (MFD) to feed 200 low-income veterans and their families in San Antonio with basic food items such as meat, milk, bread, fresh vegetables and fruits, and canned goods – our yearly cost is $30,000. The assistance of $25,000 from State Farm Neighborhood Assist will help over 2,000 veterans and their families fulfill a basic need - hunger. At each MFD, veterans receive enough food for up to 14 meals – the average cost per meal is .90. With the assistance from this grant, over 27,700 meals can be provided to veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. This huge impact will not only address the immediate hunger needs, but will also provide the veteran with the dignity and respect that he/she deserves. As one veteran has stated, “The MFD has allowed us to have food in the refrigerator and pantry which is a blessing. It not only provides nourishment but a sense of relief for my whole family.”

As part of the MFD, Soldiers’ Angels also provides resources for the veteran such as help for possible employment opportunities, access to veteran benefits, and other valuable services in the community to live a healthier and happier life. We can meet the immediate hunger needs through the provision of nutritious food and empower veterans to make changes within their lives for the betterment of their family. With these funds, we will have the ability to not only change 200+ lives each month, but to outreach to more veterans in need. The long-term effect on our community is the reduction of an immediate need and the building of a foundation for a more stable, productive and healthier quality of life for each veteran that we serve. We focus on our vision … May No Soldier Go Unloved, May No Soldier Walk Alone, May No Soldier Be Forgotten, Until They All Come Home… as the cornerstone of our work and the impact that we can make on those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.