The Next Million Meals

Feeding the growing number of homeless and working poor in our community.

The Christian Center Rescue Mission serves over 100,000 meals to the most under-served population in Anderson and Madison County. TCCRM is the ONLY Community Dining Room (soup kitchen) in a county of over 130,000. Over the past several years Anderson has been devastated by the loss of over 28,000 good paying factory jobs. Though the community continues to recover, there are many low paying jobs. Without The Christian Center providing food, more than two thousand families and individuals would go hungry and many would lose their homes. This is a critical unmet need for a community in desperate need of a break.

$25,000 would allow TCCRM to expand their kitchen and dining room. It would also allow them to make needed repairs to some very old equipment. Any additional funds would go directly to feed men, women and children who have no other options for food. Food pantries are great for people with homes. But those living on the streets, in their cars or who have no utilities are unable to prepare a hot nutritious meal. The Christian Center serves EVERYONE, three meals a day, everyday, free of charge and is the most important defense against hunger to homeless and the very poor. The expansion and repairs will position TCCRM to serve over 1.2 Million meals over the next decade.

Long and short term, life changing impact to the homeless and very poor. TCCRM is the ONLY soup kitchen in one of the poorest counties in Indiana. Their services to the poor are critical to over two thousand families and vital to the survival of the nearly two hundred men, women and children who eat daily at TCCRM. These repairs and expansions will meet a growing need that increases by 7.5% on average annually and will provide a long-term solution to an otherwise unmet need in our community estimated to be more than A MILLION MEALS over the next ten years.