Turning Point, Inc.

Turning Point's mission is to confront violence against women and children in McHenry County, Il.

Turning Point is the only Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) protocol-approved agency for domestic violence victims and their children in McHenry County. We are therefore uniquely qualified to serve this vulnerable population. Turning Point addresses an otherwise unmet need in the county by providing safe shelter and supportive services for these victims who experience/witness domestic violence and are homeless or are at risk of homelessness as a result. Victims of domestic violence are not suitable for other homeless shelter environments, which our county does offer, due to risk of harm to the victim themselves and other clients. Domestic violence always carries with it a risk of lethality, especially at the time that a victim leaves or attempts to leave their abuser. Our facility, safety protocols and staff are specially equipped and trained to mitigate potential danger.

If awarded, Turning Point would restrict the $25,000 to support our secure emergency shelter. The shelter costs account for the second highest program expense on the agency’s budget at 19%. The shelter is open and fully staffed 24 hours a day, every day to receive victims in crisis. Shelter staff is under the direction of a shelter coordinator. All shelter staff are thoroughly trained in trauma-informed care and they receive ongoing training and supervision. Following rest and stabilization, client safety planning is a priority. We provide basic needs, such as food and clothing. Services include counseling, support groups, mental health therapy, parent-child activities and more. Turning Point provides support, education and tools so that they are able to leave the shelter and begin violence-free futures. Clients can continue receiving services after exiting shelter if they chose. In accordance with the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, Turning Point never charges for victims’ servic

In Fiscal Year 2018, Turning Point served 1,784 clients across all programs. The shelter provided 3,970 unduplicated nights of safe housing to 63 adults (both women and men) and 50 of their minor children. Without Turning Point’s shelter, these women, men and children would have had nowhere to go that could guarantee their safety. Turning Point provides services in times of domestic violence crisis. We simply have no way have knowing what “would have happened” had our services and shelter not been available to McHenry residents for the time that it has been. Similarly, we have no way of knowing how our services may alter the future of community members who seek us out going forward. We only know that domestic violence victims are in danger for their lives and that no other service provider in our county can guarantee safety to the degree that Turning Point is able. Supporting our secure emergency shelter has a tremendous, potentially life-saving, impact for these victims.