Link ONE Mentoring

Linking caring, compassionate and consistent adults with children in need of positive role models.

Link One Mentoring exists to match students with caring adults from the community. Students are referred into our program by teachers and administrators who see that they could benefit from having a positive adult role model. Some students may be struggling with self confidence, walking through difficult family situations, have parents incarcerated, or simply just be in need of one-on-one encouragement. With over 80 mentors currently placed in the schools, meeting one hour each week, we have seen huge improvements in the students attitudes towards school, grades and classroom behavior. One gap we still see is that many of our students do not have support on pursuing education upon graduating high school. We are dreaming of creating a scholarship fund for students who complete the mentoring program, to show them that they have the support to dream big dreams and reach their goals. We believe that every student regardless of GPA should have a chance to pursue their education!

Many children in our community have little support on pursuing education upon graduating high school, and in fact some of the students we serve will be the first in their family to graduate high school. The graduation rate in Duncan is 80%. We are hoping that by mentoring more students, that rate will continue to increase. We would use the $25,000 to start a scholarship fund for students who complete our mentoring program and graduate high school. They would be able to use the scholarship to pursue higher education, technical school, or help get started in a full-time job upon graduation. We currently have over 80 children in our mentoring program and next year will have 8 in the High School, as the population we serve ages we want to be able to continue to provide support and direction as they begin to think about their future and goals. Creating the scholarship fund will allow us to meet this need well into the future.

This scholarship fund has the potential of breaking the cycle of systemic poverty for several families. For many of the children in our community, higher education is seen as a luxury instead of a reality. We believe that by providing support and financial assistance for them to pursue their dreams, it in turn could change the trajectory of their families future, which in turn changes the community around them.

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