The Heartbeats of Utah

To save lives by promoting safety and health through education, services, and products.

In 2017, 3,749 people died from heart disease in Utah. Of those deaths, roughly 45% occurred because of sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest is a condition when the heart suddenly stops beating, and if not treated within minutes, results in death. The only way to save individuals is using a device called an automated external defibrillator, also known as an AED. Non-medical personnel can use these machines to restore the victim’s heart rhythm. Tragically, 64% of Americans have never seen an AED. Adding to this tragedy is that fact that very few facilities in Utah are required to be AED-equipped. Survival rates go up by 80% when communities have easily accessible AEDs and trained personnel. Often AEDs are a financial strain for small businesses. With that in mind, we will target small Utah based organizations. The goal is to make AEDs more accessible in organizations throughout Utah, by offering subsidized defibrillators and free training, resulting in more lives saved.

Because time is crucial in saving someone who is having a sudden cardiac arrest, it is critical to have an AED on premises, as well as people who know how to use it. On average, the cost of an AED is between $1500-$1700. A $25,000 grant from State Farm would allow us to provide subsidized AEDs to organizations in Utah. We would provide a subsidy between $500-$1000, depending on the organization. This would allow us to provide up to 50 AEDs to small Utah based organizations. For each company that receives a subsidized AED, we would provide free education on sudden cardiac arrest and proper AED use to all employees. Making AEDs available at a subsidized cost, along with free training, will prepare individuals to confidently respond to an emergency and saves lives.

The biggest hurdle to preventing sudden cardiac arrest is having an AED nearby and individuals that are properly trained to use it. Once that obstacle is overcome, AED maintenance is very minimal. We have an AED database that reminds companies when they need to replace the pads and battery on an AED, ensuring that these machines are always functioning and ready for an emergency. We also provide an eight-year warranty on every AED that is distributed. AEDs that are properly maintained, can be used well after their warranty, providing Utah based companies with a safety machine that can be used for up to 15 years. Companies and individuals in the community are always available to come to us as a free resource for AED placement, mentoring, tracking, and training. As AEDs are more readily available in the community, it will enable more people to respond to a medical emergency, increasing the chances of survival, and saving lives.