Elevation House

Ending social and economic isolation for adults living with serious mental illness.

Elevation House is the only Clubhouse Model based mental illness recovery program in the state of Georgia. Therefore, 100% of our cause is focused on meeting an unmet need. Working closely with Clubhouse International, the preeminent authority on planting successful Clubhouses, our organization is the sole community resource providing individuals living with mental illness the empowerment to achieve independence and employment in a setting free of stigma. The need for services to adults living with mental illness is great in our community. In fact, applying national statistics to Rome/Floyd County GA current population indicates that some 5,000 individuals meet the criteria for membership. Elevation House, as a start-up non-profit (opened June 3, 2019), expects to support 20-30 members per day during its first year of existence.

An investment of $25,000 from the Neighborhood Assist Program would greatly impact our ability to serve the unmet need in our community. Our currently (2019) annual budget of $187,000 covers the financial resources Elevation House needs to serve 25 adults with mental illness. The annual budget must be secured in total through grants and generous financial contributions from the local community. There are no sources of funding from the State of Georgia for our service model. For the first year of operations, the total investment to provide one member with a full year of recovery services at Elevation House is approximately $5,000. Receiving this grant would ensure that five adults living with serious mental illness in Rome/ Floyd County would have access to programs that address the destructive impact of serious mental illness. Additionally, Elevation House would utilize the funding from Neighborhood Assist as a matching opportunity to double the members served.

Elevation House addresses unique community-specific and systemic issues for adults living with serious mental illness. These issues include: hospitalization, recidivism, homelessness, unemployment, etc. Funds acquired from the Neighborhood Assist Program for the Elevation House mission will have a significant impact on our members, their families and our local economy. The return on investment to the community and financial ramifications as a result of empowering adults with mental illness to become thriving, contributing members of the Rome/ Floyd County community is beyond measure. Finally, the impact of the Clubhouse model being funded through this grant ensure that the gap in mental health recovery is filled in Rome/ Floyd County. The programs that currently treat individuals with mental illness in our community are mainly geared toward immediate and temporary treatment, and not long-term recovery and rehabilitation.