C4 Kitchens

To empower individuals to escape the cycle of poverty through job training and food access.

Richmond Virginia is home to over 200,000 people, but unfortunately many of our neighbors are unable to provide the essentials of food and stable housing for themselves and their families. Currently, 25% of adults and 40% of children in Richmond live in poverty. Research has shown that poverty and unemployment are key indicators of food insecurity. Through C4 Kitchens, persons will gain job training skills, stable employment, nutritious meals and a sense of loving community. C4 Kitchens will provide those who are experiencing high rates of unemployment with technical skills and industry certifications needed to obtain and keep jobs in the high demand high growth culinary industry. Students will be empowered to stop the cycle of poverty by making descent wages and serving others. Built into the program is a community kitchen model, in which the students have hands on learning and community service by cooking and serving weekly meals to those who do not have access to nutritious meals.

The $25,000 grant will cover all the costs we have identified in order to launch C4 Kitchens. Funds will be used to hire an experienced consultant to work with us for 12 months to conduct operational planning, program structure development, staff training, marketing, participant recruitment, and program evaluation. Funds will also be used to purchase curriculum, and class supplies such as knives, uniforms, and shoes for students. Many people in our community including seniors have to make choices about what they pay for each month. Do they buy medicine, do they buy food. We believe as a community we can address this issue together. Through a comprehensive program and collaborative support like C4 Kitchens the cycle of poverty will forever be stopped through collaboration, empathy, excellence and love.

The grant will have a huge impact on the Greater Richmond Community economically, socially and culturally. Annually, we will train and place 50 students into stable employment, provide food and community to at least 2,500 people and provide volunteer opportunities for 75 people. The C4 Kitchens model is a replicable model. We believe that this model can and will be replicated throughout the city of Richmond and expand beyond to other communities so no person will ever have to go with a nutritious meal and be empowered to have a career they love.

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