Keep Families Affected by Breast Cancer in their Homes!

To keep families from being evicted from their homes while in treatment for breast cancer.

Emergency rental and mortgage assistance, particularly for families affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, is an unmet need in both our local Baltimore/Washington Metro Area community, as well as nationwide. A breast cancer diagnosis wreaks physical, emotional, and financial havoc on a family. Cancer doesn't care how little or how much money you make. Many community members are living paycheck to paycheck while they're healthy - a breast cancer diagnosis can be financially crippling. The number of government and charity organizations that provide emergency rent or mortgage to support is limited and are without funding. The state and federal waiting list for affordable housing is years long. Together, with this grant, we can focus our efforts in providing emergency rent/mortgage assistance to breast cancer patients and their family, allowing for improved health outcomes while alleviating the burden and stress brought on by a breast cancer diagnosis.

$25,000 will help dozens more families keep roofs over their heads while allowing their loved one to finish treatment. We've seen first hand the difference emergency rent support has made on families affected by breast cancer. We've helped a single mother with two young kids, in treatment, avoid eviction over Christmas. We've kept an elderly woman, who was already choosing to pay for food over prescriptions, in her home while she completed treatment. We receive requests every week for rent/eviction assistance because there is a gap - an unmet need - in the community for breast cancer patients and their families.

The lasting impact on this community could mean the difference between life and death. This grant allows a breast cancer patient to chose life rather than to stop treatment in order to work and pay the rent. This grant allows families to stay together rather than separating children from their parents because of a homelessness situation. This grant impacts the community because a simple helping hand now allows a breast cancer patient to return as a healthy and productive member of their community. And those who are beneficiaries of this assistance, are likely to pass the kindness on. Survivors almost always feel moved and inspired to give back to the community that supported them in their time of need. A small act of kindness can having a lasting impact for generations to come.