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Smyrna Rotary Club All-Inclusive Playground (Freedom Playground)

To provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace.

Smyrna Rotary Club’s cause is an all-inclusive playground (“Freedom Playground”) that will greatly enhance recreational opportunities, health, and the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in our community. Census data reveals that seven percent of individuals in Rutherford County, Tennessee under the age of 65 have a disability, which equals about 10,000 people in our proximity. Individuals with disabilities are less likely to engage in physical activity, yet they have similar needs to people without disabilities to promote their health and prevent unnecessary disease. To date, however, there is no fully accessible playground in our nearby area. Smyrna Rotary Club is focused on meeting this need by providing a play space that welcomes children and families of all abilities and needs to physically move, enjoy and have fun together. Freedom Playground will meet the emotional, sensory, cognitive and communicative needs of people of all abilities in our area.

Smyrna Rotary wholeheartedly believes a $25,000 grant will greatly help address the current inequality of recreational opportunity for people with disabilities in our community. As an all-inclusive facility, Freedom Playground addresses the current lack of facilities for people and families with disabilities and also encourages socialization and inclusion of everyone through local recreation. Each component of the playground is accessible to people of all abilities, and the proposal design has been reviewed by numerous community stakeholders to insure its maximum effectiveness. By constructing this playground and nearby ADA compliant restrooms, this project will establish a socially inclusive environment for all children and their families and improve access to opportunities that promote health and well-being. Smyrna Rotary is committed to raising the million dollars necessary to make Freedom Playground a reality, and a State Farm grant would be most helpful toward our efforts.

Freedom Playground will make an impact on people and families with disabilities for decades by enhancing quality of life and opportunity. Smyrna Rotary Club has partnered with the Town of Smyrna to construct the all-inclusive playground in our community that can be utilized by people of every ability. Upon completion of the playground and nearby ADA compliant restrooms, the Town of Smyrna has agreed to take over all ongoing maintenance and upkeep as part of the town’s high-quality parks system. In fact, the playground will be located at Smyrna’s flagship park, Lee Victory Park. A State Farm grant toward this much-needed project will assist with the purchase of all materials and equipment that will be installed by a very reputable playground company. Children and families of all abilities and ages will then begin to play and enjoy recreation together upon Freedom Playground’s opening, and this inclusion and experience will continue for many years to come.