Being a good neighbor means more than ever before

Hope Hollow

A light of hope on your cancer journey offering welcome, hospitality and hope to cancer patients seeking a cure.

As Columbus, Ohio has become one of the major cancer treatment centers in the country…more and more persons are needing to travel here for their medical treatment. Our services are addressing an unmet need as many cancer patients cannot afford the cost of travel to seek the medical care they so desperately need, in the hope of finding a cure for their cancer without our support. Hope Hollow provides lodging, meals, transportation assistance and emotional support…at no cost…to cancer patients and their loved ones, who are financially in need, as they travel away from home to receive cancer treatment. We receive referrals from all the medical institutions in Central Ohio. The cancer patients we serve are diverse in age, race, ethnicity, geographical location (nationally, both urban and rural and internationally) and their type of cancer. Hope Hollow gives “hope” to those we serve by making it possible for them to seek life-saving treatments that otherwise would not have been possible.

The Grant would greatly help in addressing the unmet need that exists for cancer patients seeking medical treatment away from their home. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we must cancel our annual fundraiser this year which has been our major source of funding. The $25,000.00 would provide much needed monies to allow us to continue to “never have to say no” to a cancer patient who is in need! 100% of the Grant would be designated for direct services for cancer patients…providing long-term stays for cancer patients undergoing clinical trials, bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants, extended chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. It would also provide gasoline that fuels cancer patients’ trips to and from Columbus for life-saving treatments and pay for meals, groceries, and nutritional supplements for those we serve. “HOPE” is foundational to every cancer journey, receiving the grant would allow us to continue to “be a light of hope” to the cancer patients that we serve.

The Grant would significantly impact our community and the lives of the cancer patients we serve. It would assure that Hope Hollow could continue and even increase the direct services we provide. The administrations of our local hospitals have repeatedly told us that we are filling a tremendous void and meeting the unmet needs of the cancer patients they serve. We received a letter from the Administration of the OSU James Cancer Hospital (from Dr. William Farr, CEO; Dr. David Cohn, Chief Medical Officer and Kris Kipp, Executive Director of Patient Services) that I would like quote “…having a resource like Hope Hollow helps relieve the anxiety our patients and families feel and allows them to better focus on getting and staying well. Patients tell us that Jane and Kevin give them unwavering emotional support that is crucial during their cancer journey. Hope Hollow truly provides for our patients and make them feel like family. This positive impact reaches far beyond our city.”