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Imara Roose Mentoring Program: Empowering Black and Brown Girls To Break Systemic Barriers!

To inspire, empower, and uplift teen girls using community, representation, and a holistic approach.

Black and brown women continue to encounter countless systemic barriers to equitable access and opportunity—hindering their ability to actualize and maximize their personal, academic, and professional success. To counter these effects, Imara Roose fills a critical void by serving as a holistic, inclusive, and transformative resource by women of color, for girls of color. During Mentor Mondays, we engage in candid conversation and dynamic activities—discussing everything from positive sense of self to health and wellness. College & Career Readiness workshops range from the college application process to resumes and elevator pitches. Our Career Exploration Series exposes mentees to diverse career paths through panels and field trips to spaces such as Capitol Hill, Google, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the White House. Our Parent Partnership creates synergy to maximize or impact. Bigs-Littles affords mentees one-one-one support from 35 current college students and recent graduates.

Imara Roose Inc. is a 100% volunteer-based 501(c)(3). We depend on donations and grants to operate at little to no cost for our volunteers and mentees. $25,000 would cover the majority of our operating budget—allowing us to execute 50 workshops, three field trips, and 10 community and member engagement events. Immediately, our mentees will increase their knowledge, skills, and social capital. Overtime, they will increase their self-worth, self-efficacy, and resilience as well as their academic engagement, college preparedness, and professionalism. Ultimately, our efforts will lead to an increase in women of color excelling personally, academically, and professionally. The majority of our mentees have gone on to realize their dreams and consider their participation in the program as a key contributing factor. This grant will support the continuation of our pipeline and cycle of empowered women paying it forward—effecting change in the lives of black and brown girls in our community.

This grant will serve as a catalyst by affording us the requisite financial support to solidify our data-driven proof of concept that has already had a positive impact on over 100 girls. Our intentionally designed holistic approach integrates research based factors proven to have significant effects on students’ personal, academic, and professional experiences and outcomes—mentoring, representation, community, and near-peer support. Ultimately, this grant will better position us to scale, replicate, and customize our model in schools and districts across the country. We hope to contribute to changing the narrative of communities, who continue to be marginalized and under-resourced, by creating a distinct ripple effect that will last a lifetime, breaking negative cycles by changing the trajectory of thousands of black and brown girls. We will continue our efforts until systemic barriers no longer hinder girls of color on their journeys to actualize and maximize their greatness.