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Voices for Children - Children’s Needs Fund

Voices for Children provides support for the abused and abandoned children in Hillsborough County.

By partnering with the Guardian ad Litem Program (GAL), Voices for Children (VFC) provides both necessary items and experiences for the more than 2,200 abused, neglected and abandoned children in Hillsborough County. The GAL Program is a government-funded agency and therefore is not allowed to solicit donations. Oftentimes, funding supplied by the State to fulfill this work is not enough to appropriately provide the children with all they need to be successful, and this is where VFC comes in. Our objective is to make sure these children have exactly what they need through our Children’s Needs Fund. Sadly, most children enter the dependency system with little more than the clothing on their backs. The goal of the Children's Needs Fund is to provide basic needs (clothing, beds, school supplies) and life-enriching experiences for foster children when they are navigating through the system. Voices for Children does not want to turn away ANY reasonable request for a child in need.

Voices for Children helps ease the trauma many of these children go through. The Children's Needs Fund provides items and experiences to help them feel as "normal" as possible while they are in foster care. This fund will help to promote education, health and emotional well-being of children in our community. We support their educational aspirations by providing them with laptops, school supplies and tutoring sessions, just to name a few. We make sure they have new clothes and shoes to wear, items to promote physical activity (ie. Bikes, sports equipment, gym memberships), counseling services, medical supplies and visits with their siblings when they are separated to encourage their health and emotional well-being. Most importantly, by fulfilling their needs, we let them know each and every day that there are people in this world who care about them!

VFC's hope it to make a lasting impact by making the life of a child in the dependency court system a bit better. Every child deserves the chance to feel like a kid and VFC has the ability to provide them with some solace and encouragement. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or the chance to go to summer camp, we can instill in them the hope they may have lost. The response we get from these children is overwhelming; they are incredibly grateful. The following quote is from a foster child we recently helped: “I would like to thank you for my computer. I love it so much and it has helped me with school, so my grades are better. I’m so glad you guys do this for kids! You put big smiles on every kid’s face. I just can’t thank you enough. You guys help so many kids have a better life in the future!” – Selena. The opportunities we are able to provide ultimately improve the psychological health of the children; building their self-esteem and allowing them to live happy and successful lives!