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Last Line Tiny Homes

Last Line’s mission is to create inner peace by overcoming our past through nature & skill building.

Last Line, a Veteran-operated non-profit organization, is constantly looking for ways to improve and help our community. They focus on veterans, individuals, and families who are most in need during difficult times. They partner to donate meals and grocery store gift cards for families with children that need assistance. Ryan at Last Line donated athletic sport shoes for children that were not able to purchase the necessary equipment for their youth sport leagues this season. Last Line focuses a large portion of their time and expense to help veterans and their families. Recently, they donated gift cards to children of veterans for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, who were not able to get something special for their parents. Our veterans continue to face a wide range of challenges when they return home to us. Many are in need of help reintegrating into everyday life. Last Line looks to help veterans in ways that established avenues made available to them cannot.

Reintegrating into civilian life can be challenging, both financially and emotionally. Last Line is working on a project to construct three tiny homes on a 250-acre farm in Bedford County. These tiny homes will serve as a free retreat for veterans and their families, where they can stay overnight on the property and enjoy the activities provided. It will help them take a break from the stresses of life. The grant would help get the tiny homes constructed through covering the costs of acquisition of permits, materials, and construction labor. Other organizations and construction companies have already pledged support for the construction of the facilities to help keep costs in check. After construction veterans and their families will have the opportunity to return to nature and find new skills in rural Bedford County. Last Line, with the support from other local organizations, will provide activities and skill building in forging, wood working, breathing exercises and much more!

This grant would help to create a permanent location in the community for hosting veterans and their families at an expense-free retreat. Last Line is committed to making this project a reality and expanding it in the future. By providing a serene, secluded location and hands on skills-building activities, Last Line believes we can start improving the lives of veterans. Helping veterans with a form of alternative healing and stress relief that is not otherwise offered in our community will have a tremendous impact. Many of the activities will create hand-crafted goods that can be donated back for a “Pay-It-Forward” program to help this project grow and flourish. Last Line’s plan is to continue serving the needs of our veterans and our community for years to come!