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Food Assistance 4 Food Insecure Families

Our mission is to provide relief to the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged.

Grace Klein Community is in its 12th year of providing support through food assistance to food-insecure families in Greater Birmingham. In 2020, GKC made over 1,250 pick-ups to rescue over $2 million worth of donated food, ordered over 921,000lbs of additional food, and distributed that food in over 107,000 food boxes, reaching over 25,000 households in 17 counties throughout Central Alabama. GKC is dedicated to ending hunger by rescuing food from local restaurants, grocers and cafes to end food waste. GKC currently operates five contact-free food assistance drive-thru sites six days a week throughout the Birmingham area. These drive-thru sites, plus our 36 community partners, distribute boxes of food to 7,500 – 10,000 people per week. The current global environment makes our services more vital than ever, impacting families in every socio-economic class, due to illness, children requiring virtual study, job loss, and subsequent loss of income.

Food insecurity results when people must decide between shelter, utilities, transport, medication, or food for the next meal. GKC bridges the gap, allowing people to recover from the unexpected, by re-allocating grocery money to other necessary expenses until they no longer require food support. GKC provides a place for people to serve so they do not feel like a project and live with a purpose. Like a good neighbor, we need to be there for one another, and our services allow people to take a box of food to care for their neighbors. $25,000 equips us to provide food support to 3,000+ people. These people know they will have food for their families, and they can focus on their job/education and not their hunger. Healthy food promotes less missed days of school/work as they have nutrients needed to combat sickness/fatigue. Food and productivity go hand in hand. 1 in 4 children in Alabama face food insecurity so when you invest in our services, you are investing in future generations.

Food is simply too good to go to waste. The process of food production uses 10% of the total US energy budget, 50% of US land, and swallows 80% of US freshwater while 40% of food produced in America is wasted each year. Every person we serve is educated on resourcefulness, zero food waste, the importance of food rescue, reduction of landfill CO2 omissions, wise purchasing and the importance of filling plates and not landfills. The more we educate recipients to steward food resources, food purchases will be less exorbitant, the value of the "leftover" will be elevated, and the concept of food sharing a normal way of life. Food rescue is a foreign concept to most of the world with many food suppliers not understanding the protections afforded to them under the Good Samaritan law. In Birmingham, AL, we have found trail blazers who are ready to make a humanitarian and environmental impact for generations to come. Your investment will help us change the trajectory of our Nation.