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Go Wild Feed a Child

To make a difference in our Rural Appalachia Community; to provide children with food.

1 out of 5 children in the United States are hungry. This staggering statistic is happening within our Rural Appalachia Schools. Our Foundation is determined to change the hunger statistic by providing a county wide food program in every school. Statistics has proven that hungry students struggle to focus and learn. Childhood hunger affects childhood learning. Our County School system has 3842 students and over two-thirds (74.5%) come from low-income families. 450 students are identified as homeless via McKinney Vento Act. 2088 students rely on a food program. Good nutrition is critical to good health and success at school. The Backpack program is to ensure that no child goes hungry within our county. While not being hungry, the students can improve their ability to focus socially and improve their educational opportunities, this ability will improve the quality of life both in and out of the school environment. The improved education and social order will improve the quality.

Our foundation realizes that as we operate a program at the caliber such as ours a lot of funding is required. As awareness of our program becomes known throughout the community local contributions has increased. We will continue to seek additional public and private grants. Ultimately the responsibility for providing for the youth of our county will rest on the shoulders of its citizens. As our children can focus more of their education and less on their hunger they will grow and become contributors to our cause. This grant will have a positive impact on the success of our program and will feed 1/3 of our student need population for a year. It is grants like this one, community sponsors, fundraising endeavors and generous givers that make it possible for us to provide over $75,000.00 worth of food to our children each year. Here in the hills of West Virginia we often say “it takes a village” to raise a child and we are asking State Farm to become a part of that village.

Our county wide food program works hard to fight the hunger crisis in our community. Our program prevents children from going hungry, provides them with food security and shows our love and compassion for them. By feeding our students, they will become healthier and more equipped to receive a better education. We hopefully are improving their abilities to provide for themselves and their families in the future. So, for them, the food needs will hopefully improve each year. By working with our students, they will have time to learn and grow and a much higher potential to take care of future generations. This community program does more than just bless the children who participate. The program unites a community thus, our volunteers are also receiving blessings from their services they provide to our youth. Once of our greatest accomplishments in this world be that of lifting human hearts. Blessed are they who are kind and considerate of the feelings and needs of other people.