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Boxes of Love for the Homeless

To provide shelter, food and necessary items for survival through various means. For the homeless.

When Boxes of Love started out we provided gift boxes that included personal care items, underwear, protein bars a positive note with a saying to people living on the street. We contacted smaller communities and realized a “Box of Love” was not only needed but a necessity. So we set out to expand and that’s where our “Days of Caring” Free Shopping Day has taken us. By providing basic needs that are unobtainable due to lack of income, or low income. Our cause brings to the community what cannot be provided by the programs or lack of programs available in the area. A good example of this is our volunteer hairdressers who work to provide lice checks, hair washing and hair cuts. No place that we are aware of provides this for free. Shelter by providing tents and sleeping bags, because shelters are either full or unavailable in these areas. Cooking and food items, they can take with them instead of traveling to another area. We also rehab bicycles to supply transportation.

The $25,000 would allow us to increase the number we serve yearly. This project uses available resources vs allowing them to go to waste. We refurbish bicycles to provide transportation, we collect and redistribute clothing, blankets and other items. We incorporate community partners and volunteers to help those stricken with poverty and/or homelessness and organize “Days of Caring” to provide a hot meal, free shopping in a mobile food pantry, clothing, blankets, tents, cook sets, bikes and free haircuts. Currently we are limited to providing 25 complete sets (tent, sleeping bags, tarps, and cook sets at a cost of $125.00 each. This grant would allow us to increase the number of sets provided and serve more areas. Boxes of Love for the Homeless is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, in good standing with the NH Charitable Trust. We have a board of 11 volunteer members, no one gets compensated and we have no staff. Our funding goes 90% into providing the needs of those we serve.

Boxes of Love for the Homeless, through videos, educates many in the community about poverty and homelessness. These videos allow those who are willing to tell their stories. We are focused on changing the stigma surrounding poverty and homelessness and reminding many that we are all in this together and by working together we can work towards everyone in our communities having shelter and food. We believe as we have seen the effect our “Days of Caring" have had on communities, those affected are given what they need to survive and resources to help them thrive. They know they can reach out to us for assistance in unfortunate times. Working with our Community partners, our "Days of Caring" unites people in need with a list of resources in their local area. We strive to allow people to never feel alone or embarrassed by these uncertain times. This grant would make it possible for us to continue throughout Northern New Hampshire providing for those who are left behind.