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Ride2Health - Volunteer Rideshare to Healthcare

Improve access to healthcare by connecting volunteer drivers with economically disadvantaged patients.

Challenges with transportation in the Brazos Valley have been researched and discussed during multiple needs assessments and community collaboration efforts for two decades. Lack of transportation options can be a significant barrier to accessing health care, mental health services and related preventative services. Nearly 17% of our population are without health insurance and nearly 20% are living at or below the poverty line. Lack of insurance and low-income are indicators of not obtaining adequate medical care. Ride2Health is designed to provide a viable, economical and sustainable solution to non-emergency medical transportation services for low-income individuals and families. The program will provide an on-demand or pre-scheduled rideshare experience with the use of volunteers. The program will collaborate with healthcare organizations utilizing a website designed to connect the volunteer drivers with pre-qualified patients in need of a ride to healthcare appointments.

The $25,000 grant funding will be utilized to cover costs for volunteer background screening, ongoing motor vehicle report monitoring, insurance coverage for volunteer driver liability, web hosting services for the patient and volunteer driver website, and text confirmation software. Funding will also be used to provide marketing and outreach material, to create and formalize volunteer driver materials, and provide ongoing IT support. A Program Manager will be added to oversee volunteer driver recruitment and training, coordinate expansion with additional health and mental health providers, measure and monitor results, assist with emergency reschedule issues and recommend program adjustments. For future funding, Ride2Health will partner with healthcare organizations who already incur costs associated with transportation to healthcare appointments. This nonprofit solution would improve medical outcomes for patients and the healthcare organizations.

The $25,000 grant funding from State Farm would have a long term impact on our community by providing much needed transportation support to patients unable to access public transportation. This funding will be a catalyst to expand our efforts with local healthcare organizations and create a compounding increase in management of chronic disease for the economically disadvantaged and uninsured. Ride2Health will provide a sustainable solution to persistent access to healthcare issues in our community. The funding will save the lives of those who are not able to access resources for preventative care, maintenance health services and mental health providers. Rural communities are struggling with transportation solutions for those most in need of preventative medications and consistent healthcare. Ride2Health will fill the gaps for a population in need of critical services. This funding will catapult the program to serve those who often have limited options for improved health outcomes.