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Love INC Transformational Workshops

To mobilize the church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.

Love INC provided a “hands up” 12-week Jobs For Life workshop to needy individuals in our community. Through Love INC we have identified many needs in our community and feel a yearly series of free workshops to residents of Mason County is needed. Workshops will be led by individuals in our churches and community that have experience/education in the specific workshop. Workshop series will provide 5-7 workshops per quarter, each lasting between 2-12 weeks. The workshops are chosen to provide an educational opportunity for individuals/families in our community that have not had the education available. Workshops will provide life skills, money saving, job readiness and money making opportunities to individuals/families that can be life changing. Some identified workshops include: computers, sewing, quilting, budgeting, resume & interview preparedness, job readiness, credit recovery, canning, cooking, car maintenance, social media, parenting, grief-adult & child, Veteran combat recovery.

This grant would allow Love INC to provide free to our community, needed educational life skills giving individuals and family’s knowledge, empowerment, self-confidence independence and a way to improve their lives. For some it will provide hope and purpose. Our community is in need of an organized effort to address these unmet needs. A "hand up." The grant would be utilized in several ways: 1) $13,000 would allow Love INC to purchase items for each workshop. Items such as: laptops and software for the computer, job readiness and social media workshops to share, books and workbooks, needed supplies for the canning, sewing and cooking workshops. Vehicle supplies-oil change items and winterizing material. Also to purchase any needed supplies for the parenting, marriage, grief, credit recovery and combat recovery workshops. 2) $4,000 would go towards paying for the facility and janitorial serves for the year. 3) $8,000 would go towards paying a support staff 10 hours a week for a year.

Love INC Transformational Workshop will have an impact in several ways. The most important being assisting our neighbors by providing life skills, job readiness, money saving and money making opportunities for individuals/families to our community can be life changing. Giving a “hands up” to our neighbors that can improve their lives is unmeasurable at this time. While these workshops will empower individuals/families, it also can provide ways for them to save money, improving their living conditions, but also money making opportunities that can be life changing. Whether it’s through our job readiness workshops or ways to make money at the local farmers market, income is always needed for our neighbors/community. Another impact will be to the instructors sharing their knowledge to people who need it. That can be transformational in itself. Additionally, these workshops provide a way for our community to help our community-transforming us all.