Building Bigger

Laynee’s Sole Purpose

Our mission is to empower students to thrive in school one new pair of sneakers at a time.

Aroostook County, Maine has one of the highest poverty rates in the state of Maine. This causes many students in our community to struggle in school simply because their basic needs are not being met. When students are wearing sneakers that are too small, too big, or falling apart it influences their self-esteem and self-confidence. Focusing in school or even being motivated to attend becomes a major issue for these students. When students are given a new pair of properly fitting sneakers it empowers them to thrive in school because they are able to focus on their school work, participate in physical education, and overall feel better about themselves. Not having boots is a huge problem for people living in northern Maine where 5/6 out of the year winter boots are necessary. Properly fitting footwear is a basic need that everyone needs met but not every child actually has that need met. Laynee's Sole Purpose, created by a second grader, helps meet this basic need for these children.

Now more than ever children’s basic needs are not being met by their parents for a variety of reasons. There are many students in Aroostook County, Maine who do not have properly fitting sneakers or boots which causes many problems for these students. We are constantly receiving sneaker and boot requests that we do not have the correct sizes to meet. This grant would allow us to purchase those specific sizes when the requests come in. We also would be able to reach out to other school districts and communities in our area to help supply sneakers and boots for those children as well. Ultimately, receiving this grant will help us reach more children and help sustain us for years to come. Having new sneakers or boots allows students to have one less worry or distraction. With one less thing to worry about, students will be able to enjoy attending school and be empowered to thrive in the classroom.

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant will not only have immediate impacts on our community but will have a lasting impact as well. Not worrying about the condition of their sneakers or not having boots during the winter will empower students to focus on their academic studies. Students will be more engaged socially when they do not have to worry about what others think about their sneakers. Participation in physical education will increase because the students will no longer have to sit out due to lack of proper footwear. An increase in their physical activity will only benefit their mental and physical well being. No longer have to watch their classmates play outside in the winter due to lack of boots. Students will become more engaged and become more active members of their school and community. Ultimately, this grant will help Laynee’s Sole Purpose serve the children and families of Aroostook County, Maine for years to come.