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Music City Trykes Wish List Fund

Our mission is to promote mobility for children with disabilities by providing adaptive tricycles.

Our adaptive tricycle Wish List Program provides an opportunity to ride a bike – a childhood rite of passage – as well as an avenue for fitness, recreation and socialization that is not otherwise available to this population. Therapeutic tricycles have many documented physical and mental health benefits. However, they are only rarely covered by medical insurance making them financially out of reach for many families with children with disabilities. Our organization seeks to break down that financial barrier. We also train physical and occupational therapists how to appropriately evaluate children to determine the optimal frame and accessories. This helps us ensure the safest and most independent means of riding. Finally, we sponsor and support opportunities for riding events to foster community connections through recreational fitness that are often elusive for these children and their families.

Over the past 11 years we have fit just over 800 adaptive tricycles. However, the need continues to grow. We currently have 65 children on our Wish List, some of whom have been waiting for over 12 months. $25,000 would help us put a significant “dent” in the estimated $50,000 that it would take to purchase an adaptive tricycle for every child currently waiting. We would also budget some of these funds to help us support purchase of parts for our “reCycle” Program. Through this program we repair the adaptive tricycles that children have outgrown or are no longer using and fit them to the next child waiting on our list. As our organization is 100% volunteer run, we have very little overhead expenses. This would ensure that 100% of the $25,000 raised would go to supporting our Wish List and reCycle programs.

To date, Music City Trykes has provided 816 adaptive tricycles to local children living with disabilities. Our riders ride in their neighborhood, on trails, during therapy appointments, in local parades, in PE classes and in triathlon races. They ride alongside siblings, friends, classmates, and other children. They have participated in an activity otherwise not available to them. They have experienced the joy and freedom that comes with riding. These opportunities provide social outlets for their families as well as generate awareness in the community. The impact of these opportunities and experiences goes beyond the time of riding. The positive impacts on strength, endurance, balance and coordination support improvements in functional mobility skills. We have several riders that are on his or her third adaptive tricycle due to growth. Through our reCycle program over 50 children have received “new to them” adaptive tricycles, keeping our program sustainable.

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