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Our Warrior’s Return

To transform veterans to health and wholeness.

As roughly 200,000 service members transition out of the military annually, many struggle to find support for their mental health while they navigate a new life in a civilian society that doesn’t understand them, all without the connections with their comrades that they once knew. It is common for veterans to experience painful mental and physical injuries from military service, and while the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides traditional talk therapy and medications, it often fails to hit the mark of success or meet the ever-growing need for mental health services. Our Warrior’s Return provides respite, relief, and healing to veterans who desire a way forward, moving them toward health and wholeness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Veterans seeking holistic methods that provide true healing from the inside out can find the sense of peace and freedom they seek in Our Warrior’s Return, ultimately providing them with purpose in the world again.

$25,000 covers the cost of one veterans retreat at Operation Warrior Resolution: Our Warrior’s Return, allowing 10 veterans to receive five days of immediate and effective treatments, supported by 90 days of post-retreat coaching. Of the veterans who’ve attended, 100% report relief from their mental health struggles by the conclusion of the retreat, partaking in trauma therapy sessions, yoga and meditation, equine therapy, jiu jitsu, nutrition support, and recharging in natural surroundings. The healing that these veterans experience – and the extended support they receive as they transition back to their everyday lives with the tools necessary to succeed – empowers them to regain purpose in their lives, find a sense of community again, and return to thriving instead of merely surviving. There’s nowhere else that provides all of this to our nation’s veterans at one location, free of cost to them.

The lasting impact on this community that a grant of this magnitude would have is transformational, as the funding would allow OWR the opportunity to transport 10 veterans from a place of trauma and anxiety to gratitude and peace, no longer triggered by painful memories or past traumas, but rather moving forward with a sense of hope and inspiration. As their lives are reimagined, we see their interpersonal relationships with spouses, family members, and their community improve. One combat veteran said that Our Warrior’s Return program saved her life and provided her with a newfound strength to show up as a parent for her children. These veterans, once free of their pasts, are equipped to enter school or the workforce, with renewed interest in socializing, volunteering in their communities, and pursuing activities again that they used to love and had lost to their mental health struggles. This program empowers the veterans to resolve their own challenges, returning home to themselves.

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