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Sitrin Military Program: Future Cabin Community

Sitrin provides help, hope & healing to individuals in need through integrated, compassionate care.

Sitrin provides comprehensive, complimentary care to post-9/11 veterans & service members who have post-traumatic stress, suicidal ideations, depression, amputations, spinal cord injuries & other combat-related conditions. Sitrin’s program combines both traditional (PT/OT & one-on-one therapy) with Equine-Assisted therapy, aquatic therapy, nature outings & more. Therapy & treatment options are personalized for each veteran based on military, combat & reintegration experiences. Sitrin owns a 142-acre campground with a 10-acre lake where veterans experience Ecotherapy (nature-based healing). Veterans love Camp Sitrin for its peaceful environment where they can get away from everyday stresses & past trauma experienced in war. Unfortunately, there are no structures where veterans can enjoy overnight stays alone or with families. Tents & sleeping bags are uncomfortable & unsuitable for vets with back injuries or other ailments. A cabin would provide the ideal setting at Camp Sitrin.

Sitrin’s Military Program has no extra funds available to purchase a cabin. The program is funded primarily through donations and fundraising efforts. As a result, monies raised support comprehensive veteran care, the annual Warrior Retreat at Camp Sitrin & community building activities such as biking, TRX training, sculling & specialized seminars. The $25,000 grant would cover the entire cost of the first – the model – of what Sitrin hopes to have as “The Cabin Community at Camp Sitrin.” Having this cabin and seeing its importance to veterans may also encourage others to fund additional ones. A cabin would fulfill an unmet request made by many veterans who wish to enjoy even more of the amenities at Camp Sitrin while continuing to heal in a safe and serene environment. They have asked for cabins where they can spend time with their families in a natural setting. Such experiences nurture and strengthen family relationships, while also helping veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

Veterans love spending time at Camp Sitrin and would be grateful to have a cabin at this site. A quaint cabin would allow for a rustic retreat and make their own “home away from home.” They would have a kitchen to prepare meals inside or enjoy a bonfire under the stars. A cabin would give veterans a private retreat that would cost nothing. Post-9/11 veterans and service members are young; they have their entire lives ahead of them. Their visible and invisible wounds of war have taken a toll. They sacrificed so much and ask so little, and that is why this impact is so great. In addition, some veterans stopped coming to Sitrin’s annual Warrior Retreat because they are unable to sleep on the ground. Having a cabin would allow them to enjoy this event for years to come. Spending time at Camp Sitrin and being in nature helps veterans heal from PTSD and suicidal ideations. The impact would be life-changing and long-lasting.

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