Building Bigger

Addi’s Faith Foundation Childhood Cancer Research

Addi's Faith funds childhood cancer research and supports families who have a child with cancer.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer it effects the entire family. Frequently, a parent will need to quit their job to provide the necessary care. This reduction in income coincides with an increase in expenses and creates an immediate financial crisis for many families. Addi's Faith Foundation strives to alleviate some of the financial burden so that parents can focus on what truly matters...helping their child fight cancer. Through an application process, families submit their most pressing needs and once approved, AFF pays those bills directly.
There is no shortage of families who need our help. Every day in the US, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer and more and more of them are coming to Addi's Faith for help. It is our desire to never turn away any legitimate need and help families through this emotionally and financially devastating time.
Funds from the State Farm Neighborhood Assist would significantly increase the number of families we would be able to help.

Nearly one third of cancer families are unable to meet their basic needs and cancer patients are 2.65 times more likely to declare bankruptcy than those without cancer. All across the country families are dealing with the financial toxicity that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Sadly, we are still dealing with the ramifications of COVID and families need our support more than ever. There is an increase in people who need assistance and there are less organizations that have the funding available to support those needs. A grant would allow us to help more families get through this extremely difficult time allowing parents to place their focus on getting the necessary care their child needs to beat cancer.

Without the proper medical care, a child’s chance of beating cancer decreases significantly. Addi’s Faith Foundation exists so that parents don’t have to choose between paying their electric bill or buying medicine for their child. We understand that parents may need help to stay afloat during their child’s long and taxing treatment schedules. Addi’s Faith Foundation provides a grant to cover everyday living expenses, such as mortgage payments, utilities, groceries, and transportation costs. By reducing financial stress, we help give kids the best shot at beating cancer.
The lasting impact comes from helping families get back on their feet. Once they get through the hard times, families often come back to AFF to pay it forward. This "do good" cycle is a beautiful thing!