Building Bigger

City of Stephenville All Inclusive Playground

Stephenville will remain the family-oriented Cowboy Capital of the World and the City of Champions.

The inclusive playground is supported by our Parks and Recreation Department Mission statement which All programs offered by the department will emphasize the recreational model to promote skill and social development through participation and play. It is our goal that every participant has the same opportunity to participate in every activity and to have fun! We will strive to provide the best service in our community through our services provided.
There are close to 500 students from Kindergarten through 12th grade in the Stephenville Independent School District that participate in the Special Education Program and benefits from the services offered to become part of the classroom and be with other students their age no matter the barriers they may have to overcome.

This inclusive playground will meet a large need missing from the community of Stephenville and the surrounding cities. The play system was designed specifically for children and adults who use any mobility device to be able to engage with friends, family members and other children from the community. We selected a specific swing that allow for parents or children with a mobility device to swing together or with other family and friends.

The lasting impact of the inclusive playground will bring unity to the community. The playground will be built in City Park which is where Stephenville Parks and Recreation host events, concerts, sports and the Bosque River Runs through the Park. Having the playground at City Park brings children together in one location and each of them get to enjoy something they love.

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