Building Bigger

Bringing Hope for Those in Need Through Food

Provide food so that no resident will suffer from lack of nourishment.

We are the only food pantry/clothes closet in Orange Park. Clay county has approximately 220,000 residents. Over 1,000 children/teens reside in insecure housing. Veterans also make up a large part of our homeless population. This population of children and veterans cannot fend for themselves and we, as a community, need to give them a hand up. The Food Pantry serves over 60 families a week. We serve a range of individuals: homeless, residents of Quigley House (domestic abuse shelter), job displacement individuals with no way of providing food for their families, the recently divorced or the recently widowed who have found themselves with lessened resources. We strive to bring hope to these individuals. As they get home and unpack their grocery order, we want them to experience a sense of belonging to the community and a renewed sense of hope.

The number of clients we serve has greatly increased since COVID. The shelves at the Food Pantry are only minimally filled. Because of this, we had to reduce the amount to those in need and scale back on the options available to them. With adequate funding, we will be able to provide our clients with the same amount of food we were distributing pre-COVID, if not more.
Currently, our food shelves are barely filled. By being able to fully stock our shelves to provide food for our clients we are giving them hope for their future. These individuals will gain food security and hopefully be able to pursue job placement, better futures, and better lives. The food orders they receive will be able to give them hope.
We strive to provide core nutritious foods. Better nutrition produces better employees, better students, and better communities. This all leads to an overall increase in the health of the community.

We will ensure a child does not go to bed hungry or wake up wondering where he/she will get the next meal. Hopefully, these children will go on to be productive citizens of our community. Additionally, parents will have the financial freedom to spend their income on other necessities such as rent, transportation, and health care. The veterans who cannot fend for themselves, the homeless, the widowed who have found themselves with lessened resources, etc. can receive dignity to hopefully give them the inspiration they need to keep moving forward. They will find comfort in the fact that someone cares, and they are not hungry.

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