Building Bigger

Cut Bank Trails, Inc. - Sports Complex Trail

Cut Bank Trails, Inc. will develop a walking/biking trail around the community of Cut Bank, Montana.

Our town of 3,000 people is surrounded by beauty in mountain views, rivers, plains and coulees. A completed unpaved trail exists in our coulee; however, there are no ADA compliant routes around the community other than sidewalks along city streets. Additionally, many curbside corners are not ADA compliant with ramps, causing many bikers or those with young children in strollers to take to the streets. We also have a major highway running through the middle of town which is heavily used by families, runners, etc. With highway traffic and semi-trucks constantly traveling thru Main Street, we desperately need a designated, safer walking/biking trail. Also, local facilities such as our public pool, softball fields, and golf course cannot be accessed safely by foot or bike. With the support of the community and city/county government, a committee was formed in 2011 to map an 8-mile route around and through Cut Bank. It provides access to a designated and safe route through town.

With this $25,000, we would be able to move forward with phase one of the largest section of our walking trail route which will connect the town to the Sports Complex and Glacier County Museum which lay out of the city limits. The Sports Complex trail is a 2.6-mile section that will connect Anna Jefferies School to the Sports Complex/Museum and loop back into town. This section will be a formal 8-foot-wide asphaltic concrete surface meeting ADA requirements. We have worked with an engineering company through Preliminary Engineering phase and are currently working through the Right-of-Way Phase and plan to begin the Construction and Construction Engineering Phase Summer 2023. To date, we have received a Transportation Alternative Grant ($536,934) and your $25,000 will help cover the 13.4% matching costs for the completion of the trail segment. We have a strong committee in place dedicated to this project. Please help us turn our goal of a community recreational trail into a reality.

This trail will help us promote Cut Bank as a better place to live, work, and visit for generations to come. First, our trail will provide safe pedestrian and handicap access throughout town. This trail allows the opportunity to get out and be active locally. One example of this, is that educators plan class trips over 100 miles away to explore local natural habitats because of the trail systems. Three segments of our trail will take kids to our own local habitats that are currently inaccessible. Second, it is our belief that a community with outdoor recreation is more marketable when recruiting and retaining quality community members. Finally, this trail is designed to boost the economy by making us appealing to outside markets. This trail was strategically developed to move through the most visually stunning areas of Cut Bank. With this trail, we will be a more marketable destination for fundraising marathons and tourism, instead of the drive thru community that we currently are.