Building Bigger

Empowering Youth to Build Better Communities

ASAS-LA educates, enlightens, and inspires youth to succeed and build healthier communities.

Studies show that between the hours of 3p.m. and 6p.m. unsupervised youth are most likely to become involved in gangs, drugs, unsafe sexual activity or be victims of violence. Our cause focuses on underserved youth of color (98%) and from low-income households (92%) who have the greatest needs and fewest resources (compared to their more affluent peers) when it comes to Academic Support; Physical Health and Emotional/Mental Wellness programs; enrichment programs in Science, Engineering, Math and Technology (STEM) and the Visual/Performing Arts; High School, College, and Workforce Readiness programs; and Leadership Development and Service opportunities. In addition to these needs, Parents and Principals are asking ASAS-LA to provide support in the areas of Learning-Loss Recovery and Social Emotional Learning following the school closures brought on by Covid-19. Lastly, the U.S. Department of Education states that the pandemic has exacerbated the unmet emotional health needs of youth.

Our youth often lack access to enrichment opportunities that go beyond the normal academic school day due to their school’s budget restraints. Since 2002, After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles has filled this “opportunity gap” by delivering holistic youth development programs that allow our students to continue to grow up safe and healthy, graduate high-school and go on to college, find careers they love, and give back to their communities. $25,000 from State Farm will ensure that we can provide youth attending 59 schools throughout Los Angeles County with Learning-Loss Recovery and one-on-one tutoring; trauma informed Social-Emotional Learning support to help youth manage emotions and make responsible and caring decisions; access to Coding & Robotics labs, the CampUs high school transition camp at a local college campus, The Quest Workforce Readiness program, and Sports tournaments in cheerleading, basketball, and wrestling; and Visual Arts classes in Anime and model car building.

When our “All-Stars” graduate high school and transition into adulthood they leave with increased self-confidence, knowledge and vital life skills; healthy habits and social-emotional awareness; and the desire to be socially responsible and civic minded community leaders. These qualities help them successfully enter and complete college or career training programs which in turn provide personal health, stability, and economic mobility for themselves, their families, and their community. Our impact is best summarized by Giovany, a student at O’Donovan Middle Academy who recently told his Program Leader that, “There are many ways you can help yourself and others in your community and you start by little steps first. No matter who you are and no matter what you look like, you can always help others and make a big impact in your community and change it.” Our All-Stars will build the communities of tomorrow, and we’ll give them every tool they need to make it a better place for everyone.