Building Bigger

THAT! After-School Program

Enrich the education and resources available for Deaf and hard of hearing students and families

If THAT! OutReach Center Inc is awarded the $25,000 grant, we will be able to provide more hands-on experiences for our students. Deaf and hard of hearing students will receive tutoring in their native language. Recorded ASL lessons can be shared with parents to view and to watch with their children when it fits into their hectic work schedules. THAT! OutReach Center will also provide in person ASL classes for the families as well as community members. 1 out of 5 parents of deaf and hard of hearing students do not learn American Sign Language. Due to communication barriers, many Deaf and hard of hearing students are not able to participate in after school extra curricular activities. We want to focus on providing these activities in our program to help the students gain those experiences without the frustration accessing language. Real life experiences are the best way to help Deaf and hard of hearing students learn.

The $25,000 grant would give THAT! Outreach center to the ability to purchase learning tools, for our students to use in the after-school program. We would be able to provide community experiences through field trips for hands on experiences that the Deaf and hard of hearing students would not receive without our intervention. Audio visual equipment would be able to be purchased to help with preparing American Sign Language videos for families to use to learn with their children. Additional training programs for staff to be able to help our students gain more hands on skills.

The Impact of this grant will last for years to come. THAT! after-school program will be helping set the foundation for these students in many areas; Language, Education, Health and Wellness, missed incidental learning, and community experience exposure. This program hopes to increase student attendance as well as student grades. Teaching parents American Sign Language to help communicate with their children, will impact the parent-child relationship for years to come.

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